Who counts as a professional scriptwriter?

The professionals among the screenwriters are easy to define:

  • They earn an essential part of their livelyhood by writing scripts and have a track record, in fiction and in non-fiction formats.
  • We do not accept writers who only write prose.
  • We do not accept writers who only write journalism.
  • Sometimes we accept writers who only write for the theatre, or who write radio plays, and script translators. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.




Promising newcomers are handpicked by us at certain events and from certain schools and programs and are usually personally invited to become members. You may also apply.


These newcomers we will accept immediately:

  • Screenwriting graduates or students in their final year at one of the big film schools or highly competitive international programs, like Serial Eyes in Berlin, or the international Master of Serial Storytelling in Cologne, or the Drehbuchwerkstatt München.
  • Those who have received or have been nominated for a script award (excluding co-authors).
  • Those who have received script funding from public institutions (excluding co-authors).


In these cases we need to read your work first:

  • You have taken single screenwriting courses.
  • You are self-taught.

Please send us reading samples from your work (at least one full screenplay written by yourself). Recommendations from teachers/producers are not necessary, but welcome. You will receive a short assessment via email in return.


Fee for such a short assessment:

200 € plus 19% VAT, if applicable.

Our short assessment focuses on your potential as a writer and may include recommendations for possibilities of your further development. It does not include recommendations for the further development of your submitted screenplay.
Please check out our regular script assessment fees.

Should our short assessment result in an invitation to register in our data base, you will get a discount of 50 € (plus 19% VAT = 59,50 €) on your registration fee.


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