At Scriptmakers, producers can use the Writer Search Engine to research, find and contact writers. We present the writers with their CV, filmography, their genre preferences and format experience, their language skills and special knowledge. This works in a similar way to casting platforms for actors. This way, there is a very high chance that producers find the right writers and writers find work they are passionate about.



The scope of Scriptmakers reaches from classical fiction to other writing areas, including factual (reality TV), non-fictional, advertising, games and interactive media. Scriptmakers only accepts professional script writers. If you are a talent on your way to becoming a professional, we may accept you under certain conditions. Please read more about how we assess which category you belong to.

If you are curious, you can have a look at our list of registered writers. Not all of them have completed their online profiles yet, but we are working on it.



  • You register, choose a profile and accept the terms and conditions.
  • You receive an E-mail with a confirmation link and log in.
  • You fill out your online profile. Through our clear terms of reference, Scriptmakers will make sure that your profile is easily accessible and understandable. If you need support with this, please contact us. We are ready to help. For checking your profile (verifying your CV and making suggestions for changes) and putting it online, we charge a small fee (see below).
  • Scriptmakers will check your data. Membership is only possible for professionals, well-trained newcomers or approved talents. Here you can read how we decide how to allocate you.
  • If your profile contains information that we consider to be relevant but that does not yet belong to any category, we will create a tag accordingly. These tags will show up next to your name when producers are looking at a selection of writers.
  • Scriptmakers unlocks your profile. At this moment, your contract becomes valid.



Protagonist 67,23 € registration fee, no yearly fee.
(plus 19% VAT)
Hero´s Journey p.a. 100,00 €
(plus 19% VAT)
Comprehensive Writer’s Profile Yes Yes
Participation in Submission Calls Yes Yes
Fee for participating in a Submission Call 15,00 € plus 19% VAT No
Profile visible for Producers Yes Yes
Can be contacted by Producers Yes Yes
Can be contacted by Profile Hero’s Journey Yes Yes
Linking of Videos possible Yes Yes
Publishing of Loglines from Scripts yet unsold Yes Yes
Contact Data visible No No
Can search for other Writers No Yes
Accounting Period Yearly in advance
Minimum Contract Duration 1 Year 1 Year
  • In the profile HERO’S JOURNEY, you gain the additional option of using the search engine in order to find other writers. This profile is most advisable if you are looking for co-authors.
  • If a submission call launched by Scriptmakers should result in a successful completion of contract, we charge no fee from you, if the commission came through a production company, who is paying us for the submission call.
  • For successful connections of writing partners and placing of your projects with companies (that were directly acquired by us for you), a 5% commission from your net writer´s fee (plus VAT if applicable), or from any other income generated for you through this project, applies.
  • Jobs acquired from producers researching in the database and contacting writers directly, are not subject to fees.
  • Members of the VDD (German Screenwriters Association), VeDRA (German script consultants association) or AG Dok (German Documentary Filmmakers Association) get a price reduction upon registration.
  • Agencies may negotiate discounts.



  • Here, you may click on FAQs.
  • Register for our Newsletter, too. This way, you will always stay on top.
  • If you´re unsure if you qualify for ‘talent’ or not, please consult this page, or contact us.

Please note that unsolicited applications sent by mail will not be returned.