Scriptmakers provides an extensive database for mostly German-speaking script writers and some English mother tongue writers as well.  As a producer, you have the chance to find the appropriate writers for your assignments – be it experienced pros or promising newcomers – in a very short time and involving minimal bureaucratic effort.



  • Registration: You apply for access and accept the contractual conditions. Once we have reviewed your information we will unlock the access to the database for you. Larger companies can apply for up to 5 separate logins.
  • Now you can research in the writers’ database by yourself. You can use neatly arranged filters and tags (about matching genres, formats or special writing techniques) that will lead you to the appropriate writers. You can then view their profiles and contact the writers you are interested in directly. Please restrict your making contact in such a way that it does not grow into a hidden submission call. In our general business terms we have set the limit to up to five writers per project. In the interest of being fair, writers should always know where they are at when they are aproached directly: Am I one of the few that are being considered –  or one of many?
  • In case you want to reach a larger group of writers or simply want to be surprised by writers you may not have thought of contacting, you can place a submission call. You remain anonymous and let us take care that only possible matches to your search reach your desk.
  • Here, you will find the answers to frequently asked questions.



  Small Companies(less than five staff members)Registration Fee 80 €(plus  VAT) Big Companies(five staff members and more) Registration Fee 150 €(plus VAT)
Number of membership accounts 1 up to 5
Your own profile visible for other users No No
Research writers’ profiles in data base Yes Yes
Contact number of writers per project directly up to 5 up to 5
Place submission calls (Fees: see below) Yes Yes



  Standard fees for submission calls (negotiable)We will give you a quote before we start.

agency commission

  • invoiced upon the beginning of the production of a project which was written or partially written by the writer(s) you found via this submission call. We calculate roughly 8.5 % of the writer’s fee (or writers’ fees), on top. This commission applies for any project, even if it is not the one from the submission call, but only once per writer oder writing team, i.e. not for following projects with them. Should you happen to work with the writer(s) on more than one project at the same time, it applies to the one with the higher writer’s fee(s). 

1,400.00 € – 5,000.00 € plus VAT





The following fees will paid in advance and deducted from the commission:

1) submission call fee,  once off

  • invoiced upon beginning of the submission call.

This fee is independent of the ultimate success of the submission call.

350.00 € plus VAT

2) delivery fee,  once off

  • invoiced upon you getting in touch with at least 3 writers or writing teams from the submission call.

This fee is independent of the ultimate success of the submission call.

350.00 € plus VAT

3) fee per each successful connection

  • invoiced upon you starting to collaborate or signing a contract with one of the writers or writing teams from the submission call for any project, even if it is not the one from the submission call. If the fee 2) has not been invoiced yet, it will be added now.

This fee is independent of the ultimate success of the writing and financing of the project. It is only charged once per writer or writing team, and not for their following projects with you.

350.00 € plus VAT
low budget projects payment may be negotiated and (partially) postponed. Talk to us.




  • Our system does not allow you to place a submission call by yourself. Talk to us, we will make you an offer, and do it for you.
  • If you place a submission call, you will not only reach writers who have an online-profile already but also hundreds of other writers who have subscribed to our Newsletter mailing list. We also reach out to the community via our social media channels.
  • Other producers cannot view your submission calls.
  • The phrasing of a submission call should obey certain standards (as to information concerning the state of the project, the fee and the timeline of production). In the interest of the participating writers we will help you phrase your requests as clearly as possible.
  • As a rule, we only do submission calls, where writers can expect fair payment. It is not part of this deal that you ask your writers for more free writing work to help you make your decision.