While trying to wade through stacks of unsolicited ideas and material unsuitable for their specific area of work, producers and commissioning editors often find it very hard to locate new writers with the very specific qualities and abilities they are actually looking for. Who can write a bang-on script for a certain TV slot or a certain format? Where do I find the best co-author for an existing project that needs new input? Or suitable new members for a bigger team of writers? Who has the know-how to write content for new media? Where do I find writers who speak a certain language, know a lot about a particular historical period/country, scientific area, type of music, sport etc?

The search for the fitting writer frequently means going around in circles between one’s established stock of writers and the principle of chance. There is usually a great deal of hesitation to publicly call for submissions. They rarely reach the “right” people and the effort involved is disproportionate to the results yielded.

How can Scriptmakers help me to find the appropriate writers for my projects and what does it cost?