Many screenwriters are reluctant to engage in self-promotion, preferring instead to survive on personal contacts. But how well does that work? How often does an author labour on one single project, only to fail in finding the right producer in the end? How many writers turn their backs on the business out of frustration after a couple of years, in spite of being both talented and competent?

Other writers may do well for themselves but might be stuck in a niche that threatens to be too narrow or too boring; or the TV slot they’ve been working for is suddenly cancelled; or an assignment that was firmly scheduled collapses in the last minute. What to do?

Even a writer or agent with the best of networks does not always hear when a producer is desperately looking for someone exactly like him or her.

One of Scriptmakers´ special features is that we accept writers for non-fiction, factual and entertainment formats, as well as for commercials, games and interactive media. These are expanding markets with a big demand for skilled writers.

How does Scriptmakers work for writers and how much does it cost?