What is Scriptmakers


  • Scriptmakers is a casting platform for screenwriters in the German speaking territories, supported by a screenwriters’ database and search engine.
    You are looking for a writer who can write certain genres or formats, for specific target audiences? It is important to you where they live, which languages they speak, what special types of knowledge they have outside the area of the moving image? This is how it works: Walkthrough.
  • Scriptmakers offers individually adjustable tools for inviting submissions from writers.
    You can use this for example to ask for work samples in a specific genre/format or to invite a pitch or writing challenge tailored to your need or idea.
    We are also happy to become your scout, finding the one special writer you need, but who is not in our data base yet.
  • Scriptmakers offers an exclusive selection of workshops for professional writers and content developers (see further below).
  • read our FAQs (for example about agencies, submission calls and membership) .