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An offer by Scriptmakers for screenwriters with the profile “Heroe´s journey”:
The casting of writing partnerships for projects which are not yet financed or in any form of production.

Screenwriters or writing directors who came up with an idea or are stuck with their sreenplay have two possibilities to find a writing partner with Scriptmakers.

  • You do your own research with our authors finder, comprising currently about 150 categorized screenwriters profiles and contact up to 5 screenwriters by project, exchange information about the project and about samples of your work and then decide, whether you meet.
  • You use the Scriptmakers writing partner service: We treat your research as a submission, similar to the producers. With such a submission you do not only reach all of our members with profiles but also a few hundreds of more screenwriters by our newsletter service.


  • We advise you on the formulation of the submission and on the process of casting screenwriters for your project.
  • Together we create a short teaser, which does not reveal too much yet, but awakes the interest of the right screenwriters and we will create a more detailed text for submission.
  • We place the teaser on our website and forward it as a newsletter into the large newsletter mailing list received by a few hundred screenwriters.
  • The whole submission text in which you learn more about the project will be received on demand by screenwriters who have registered with us, accepted our terms and conditions and are subject to our obligations of secrecy.
  • Who is interested furthermore will be asked to hand in a few work samples.
  • The submitting screenwriter decides whom they contact.


  • As a member of the profile “Heroe´s journey” this service is for free in the beginning.
  • When we found writing partners for you, you will be charged the common fee 5% of the writers fee, which means your writers fee AND the writers fee of your writing partner.


Please register here as a screenwriter in the profile “Heroe´s Journey”. Here you find prices and services.


We are pleased to upgrade your status. Current cost: 50 € plus VAT. This is the difference of your registration fee which you already paid. Please send your registration to

We are hoping for many productive and exciting writing partnerships!
Long live the cooperation!

Your Scriptmakers-Team

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